Reduce moving cost

Reduce moving cost

How to reduce moving cost?

Are you planning for an upcoming move? Here are some tips that will help you reduce your relocation cost.

1) Move Less – Save More
Your moving quote is based on the weight of your items, ( also calculated on cubic feet ). The thumb rule is to get rid of items that you wont be needing. You can donate to charity or sell them if you like. Even if you are doing a self move, letting go of unwanted items will certainly save you money, time & energy. So an upcoming move is a good excuse to get rid of unused items as well.

2) Free Boxes
Start collecting cardboard boxes. Why pay for something that you can get free? If you know that you have a move coming up, then start saving the boxes. Your regular grocery store or drug store will be more than happy to help you with a few carton boxes. However you might need to get strong boxes for packing delicate items. This can be provided by us at the time of pick up.

3) Consider Self Packing
You can save quite a bit on self packing. However we don’t recommend it entirely, since movers cannot be held responsible for items packed by the customer. If you are confident of packing well then using blankets, bed sheets, newspapers and towels for extra protection is a good idea.

4) Schedule Wisely
You can save on your moving cost if you avoid moving between May – September. That’s the most busy season for us. Planning ahead and booking your move well in advance will avoid last minute confusions.


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August 25, 2016